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What is the examined life? A life worth living! As I look at the road ahead, I take all the baggage from the past and use it as experience - the pain and the passion, the sorrow and the joy - allowing it to carve wisdom into my mind and hope into my spirit.
There is no experience that can't be useful to me at some point in my life. There is no lesson learned that cannot make a contribution to the future.
A tiny drop of water is a part of the ocean. A tiny speck in the night sky is a ginormous star in the distance. It all depends on perspective.
So, this examined life is to offer reflections in the hope of discussing things which are of value to myself and to others.
Love, Sarah

Friday, 5 October 2012

"ON Behalf of a Teenager: Student Mental Health and Setbacks

On behalf of teenagers:

One week ago I attended my university class reunion. It was fun! It was also sober as discussion and promotion revolved around the future for today's students. Some don't make it, not because they flunk out but because they die...

Studies show incidents of suicide are on the rise. My Alma Mater, Queen's University in Kingston, is one institution that is spearheading research for remedy.

I have youth in my life whom I love very much, some of whom wrestle with depression.

There are loads of disillusioned people out there. What can we do about it? What can I? I've written a book to encourage folk to come out of their fear and shame and step into the life God has ordained.

How can this book help the youth of today? It spells out the truth about who we are, what we're here for and assists in how to build healthy relationships that encourage us to grow and accept us the way we are - if that seems like a contradiction think again.

But what is the core to this truth? God. We are not the core. We are not even the center. Whether we like it or not, our universe revolves around the sun and for the Son. He came for our benefit, that we might follow Him and improve our lives immeasurably. As society strays from that truth, the benefits of God's culture become lost and our children drift into a bland nothingness of immediate gratification, superficial entertainment and technical emptiness.  They are ending up lonely, isolated and desperate.

Change needs to happen and it needs to happen fast. I look into the mirror and hope to inspire someone today.. one person.. who wants more from life than amusement or distraction. Follow Him who died so we could have life. Live children, free from oppression and full of hope. Live to make this world a brighter place.

Love Sarah

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